By releasing surprise preview video, RAVI of VIXX has raised the excitement of the fans towards the new song. 

On the 15th midnight, through the SNS account, RAVI has released the preview video containing RAVI working on his new song ‘live(Feat.Chungha’ ahead of its official released date on the 18th.

The released video shows RAVI focusing on the directing the recording singer Chungha. It grabbed the attention of the public by showing the professional side of RAVI checking out thoroughly, together with the vocal sound of Chungha and RAVI as well.

With the record indicated on the upper side of the video, shooting date on the lower side, changes in the scenes, it’s just like an old video tape, and this video used the VHS (Video Home System) effect for shooting which added the hip hop feeling and uniqueness to the video.

Especially, by releasing preview video as a surprise, RAVI, who has been amplifying the excitement of the collaboration with the various two shots together with Chungha, the fans expectations are heightening on what kind of the song will he comeback with.

Meanwhile, RAVI is ahead of fancy comeback from the digital single ‘live(Feat.Chungha)’ as a beginning on the 18th, release of the 2nd mini album ‘R.OOK BOOK’ on March 5th, and the exclusive concert to be held on March 22nd ~ 24th. 

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