LOONA is about to make their comeback, and has completed the release their teaser image of each member.

The agency, Blockberry Creative, revealed the images of 12 individual teasers every night, starting with the image of the member Ha Seul at 0:00 pm. on last 1st, through their official SNS channel.

The released teaser image draws the attention of members wearing black and white concept costumes.

Especially, attracted by a totally different moods and charm from their debut song "Hi High" and boosted expectations by announcing a different color for LOONA.

According to the track list released on last 7th, the title track "Butterfly", “X X”, "Satellite", "Curiosity", "Colors", and "Where You at" will contain a total of 12 new songs.

The agency said "This song is a song that has a subtle mix of soft and dynamics, and it can add to LOONA’s charm by combining new beats, drops, electronic and melodies that have never been heard before at K-POP,". 

LOONA will hold their second solo concert "LOONAVERSE" at the Olympic Hall of Olympic Park in Seoul on the 16th and 17th for the first time.

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