Four days before the release of his first solo album, 2PM Nichkhun released a teaser video that delivered the lyrics with a sweet voice, raising expectations from fans.

Nichkhun released his first solo album "ME" at 6 pm. on last 18th, has already enhanced the release mood of the album by introducing a track list of the album, images of the white and red concept teaser, and images of the new album with his instruments.

And At 0:00 pm. on last 15th, Nichkhun opened a concept clip that delivered the title song "Lucky Charm" from his album "ME" as if it were his lines in the movie.

In the video, Nichkhun wear on a beige color knit, sat in bed, looked at the front with a soft look, and said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you. So close your eyes and go on back to sleep. I just Wanna Say I love you." He gave off the charm of his sweet, like real boyfriend.
Nichkhun's first solo album "ME" title song, "Lucky Charm," is a healing song with a cozy and warm moods.

Especially, Nichkhun composed all nine tracks in English, including "HOME," "Lucky Charm," "Bridge," "Jealous," "Mars," "Umbrella," "Colorful X'mas," "Endearing," and "Umbrella. The fan song "Umbrella" was also included in Korean version to adding sincerity.

It is the first time in 11 years that Nichkhun will release a solo album in Korea, and it will be a more meaningful gift to fans who have been waiting for "Solo Artist Nichkhun."

Japan released his first solo album "ME" in December 2018, and completed his first solo 'NICHKHUN (From 2PM) Premium Solo Concert 2018 "HOME"' on a scale of five in Osaka and Tokyo in November and December of the same year.

In addition, "Brother of the Year" starring Nichkhun in Thailand will be released in Korea on March 7. In the film, Nichkhun was so popular that he won nick names like "The Man of the People" and "The Husband of the People" as well as "Mochi," a charming man.

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