[The Fact] L, thanks for exist.
On the 16th, "FAN N STAR," a website that provides information on idol ratings, is conducting a birthday project for the group INFINITE L. This is a support style advertising event for global Fans can participate directly.

L's birthday market is determined by the success of the star based on fan participation. The more stars there are gathered, the more advertisements for L's birthday are posted in various places.

Participation in events is possible on the ‘FAN N STAR’ homepage and application.

This is directly contributes stars that are collected by INSPIRIT (INFINITE Fan Club name) from its project. Stars can be obtained by performing various activities on the site or completing various missions.

All-around entertainer, L is a singer and actor. Attention is focusing on whether the surprise project to celebrate his special day will succeed for the rest of the year.

"FAN N STAR" is an amusement park for idol fans who provide various idol ranking information, fan communities, and events. The second week of February is now under way. The vote runs through the 18th.

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