[The Fact] 'Moon Hee Joon's birthday project in progress!'
FAN N STAR, opened a birthday project for group H.O.T. Moon Hee joon on the 15th. It is a special project where advertisements celebrating Moon Hee Joon's birthday are posted in various places.

If Moon Hee Joon's birthday project is completed by more than 100 percent, a congratulatory video will be shown on the electronic display board in the heart of each country.

When the star reaches 400 percant, the advertisement will also be shown on the Travel Bus, and when the star reaches 600 percent, the site of the celebration will be expanded to the CGV screen in Apgujeong. If the target number is exceeded quickly, another gift prepared by FAN N STAR will be revealed.

Earlier, 'FAN N STAR' opened a birthday project for member Kang Ta on September 14 last year. More than 700 percent of fans from South Korea, China, and Japan participated in the In Korea and Japan, advertisements celebrating the birthday of Kang Ta were held.

Attention is focusing on whether Moon Hee Joon's birthday project will succeed.

Any fan can apply for an idol's anniversary event hosted by "FAN N STAR." More information about the event can be found on the "FAN N STAR" website.

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