YG Entertainment celebrated the birthday of So Jung hwan, the youngest member of Treasure 13.

YG Entertainment released special birthday poster 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY SO JUNG HWAN OF TRASURE 13' on their official blog on 18th.

On the poster of the birthday celebration, So Jung hwan is smiling with a spark. In the photo, So Jung hwan boasts a warm appearance with his unique printed T-shirt in distinctive clothes.

So Jung hwan won the honor of his debut through "YG’s Jewelry," a survival program aimed at selecting the next generation boy band of YG, became the first to join "Treasure" with his outstanding dance skills to take the top spot in dance positions. "Treasure" member So Jung hwan will make his debut with "Treasure 13," a combination of "Treasure" and "Magnum."

Last 13th, "Treasure 13," the next generation boy group of YG, which is a member of So Jung hwan, made his first LIVE through Naver V Live. As many as 1.33 million fans from all over the world watched the show and received more than 220 million hearts, "Treasure 13" was incredibly popular.

Public attention is focusing on how "Treasure 13," has already been receiving enthusiastic responses from both domestic and foreign fans even before their official debut, will change the perception in the music industry.

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