VIXX's Leo will release a teaser video that will announce the release of the new song.

Leo released a photo on the official SNS channel of Clef Company on the 14th, raising expectations for new songs, and announcing that the teaser video of ‘FEEL LOVE’ will be released at 6 pm. on the 15th.

Leo is proving his ability and popularity as a solo vocalist with "Canvas" and "You Are there but not there," will release the final song of "Space" along with the music publishing clef company.

In the photo released, Leo opened his eyes in a booth in the recording studio as if he were seriously focused on something, raising questions about his new song with warm visuals.

The "FEEL LOVE" teaser video that Leo participated in was released on SNS channels including various music websites and YouTube at 6 pm. on last 15th and the music video will be released on the 19th at noon

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