SF9 will make their comeback today, released a track list of their new album, raising expectations about its comeback.

SF9's agency FNC Entertainment, released a track list and highlights medley video of their 6th mini album "NARCISSUS" on last 17th through teaser site and official SNS. In the video clip, SF9 attracts viewers with a dreamy and sexy atmosphere in which water seems to flow.

The title song of the album "Don't Be Pretty" is a reinterpretation of Narcissus in the myth. The sensuous dance of SF9 over the beat, where various genres such as trap, EDM and reggae are implemented in a complex way, is reminiscent of the modern version of narcissus. You can feel the beauty and sexiness of SF9 that you have never seen before on stage.

Along with "Don't Be Pretty," Zu ho participated in lyrics and composition, Young bin, Zu ho and Hwi young participated in the lyrics and compositions of medium tempo pop “Of all thing”, composition of the songs in “Life Is So Beautiful”, Young bin, Zu ho, Hwi young, and Chani, With a desire to be with sophisticated piano sound for a long time, members of the album including "Fall In Love" and "Gravity" where Hwi Young participated in the lyrics, raising expectations.

SF9's new album 'Narcissus' and its title track 'Don't Be Pretty' music video will be released on its main music site at 6 pm. on Feb. 20.

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