New girl group "EVERGLOW" made its debut surprise and became the middle of attention.

Yue Hua Entertainment released the team name and logo film of EVERGLOW on last 18th, the first Korean girl group, and made their debut surprise announcement, drawing the attention of officials and fans.

When produce 28 is on air, Kim Si hyeon and Wang yi ren received the most attention, and thanks to their unique visual and stable vocals and overwhelming performance skills, are joining the debut team, and fans are cheering for Kim si hyeon and Wang Yi ren in other online communities.

In the released film, is not only about the team name of "EVERGLOW" but also about the mysterious and soft feeling of violet color, which adds to the curiosity of EVERGLOW's concept. ‘

EVERGLOW is combination word of EVER and GLOW, 'As the sun shines and the night does not shine, EVERGLOW will make both light and shadow our own time.'

With Kim Si hyeon and Wang Yi ren already emerging as the biggest concern among fans and officials, attention is focusing on whether Yue Hua Entertainment Korea's first girl group EVERGLOW is raising expectations for the creation of a new girl group, will be the new girl group representing 2019.

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