A teaser video of the singer's new song "Allure" has been released.

Hyo min will be visiting her new mini album "Allure" on the 20th, released a unique and trendy teaser video, raising the expectation level of her fans.

This teaser is a scene from a new title song "Allure" music video, "Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" producer of BTS, and "SOULMATE(feat. IU)" producer of ZICO.It is a collaboration between GDW and Segaji Film. Director Kim Hyun soo's sensuous and trendy visual beauty is outstanding in Hyo-min's fascinating yet colorful charm, making her attention instantly.

In the released teaser video, Hyo min sits alone in a restaurant of retro and mysterious moods. The mysterious menu delivered with the lid closed and her expression looking carefully at it creates a unique atmosphere.

In addition, when the plate covers are opened, time stopped in darkness, Hyo Min, who wakes up alone in the dark, and guitar riffs, which flow through the cracks in the cover, are catching the eyes and ears of those who watch. In particular, the surprised look of Hyo min, who seems to have seen something incredible, has aroused many people's curiosity.

The album's title name is "Allure," which is ‘look’ in French word and "the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating" in English. This implies the deep meaning of showing the unique music world of Hyo Min, it adds the expectations of fans.

In addition, "Allure" produced by earattack of Brand new music, he is the one who produced lot of famous singer and group like the owner of brand new music Rhymer, Twice, Got7, BTS. And Hyo min is heralding trendy and sophisticated music to show.

Hyo Min is set to release her mini album 'Allure' at 6 pm. on February 20 and is stepping up preparations for her comeback.

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