The global boy group VAV has started for 'VAV 2019 MEET&LIVE SENORITA LATIN TOUR.'

VAV held 'VAV 2019 MEET&LIVE SENORITA LATIN TOUR' in Goiania, Brazil on the 16th and Belem on the 17th and met with local fans.

On the day, VAV set up a total of 15 performances including representative songs such as "Spotlight," "Beautiful," and "She's Mine." Despite the seating performance, the audience cheered enthusiastically for the entire two hours standing, raising the atmosphere of the scene even hotter.

The audience welcomed the VAV in Korean by singing their opening song "Senorita" in Korean, and members also provided special fan services by presenting a cover stage for Havana for Brazilian fans. Especially one of the member surprised the Brazilian fans by smoothly conducting the performance in fluent Brazilian Portuguese, which he had studied for a month before the performance.

after the concert, the audience did not leave their seats for more than 10 minutes, and the biggest media outlets in the country also reported the news with special features of VAV.

VAV started their "2019 Latin Tour" vigorously, will wrap up the Brazilian concert in Porto Alegre on the 22nd, Sao Paulo on the 24th, Santiago Chile on the 27th, Montevideo, Uruguay on March 1, and Mexico City on March 3.

VAV's single Senorita music video, released in October last year, has surpassed 20 million views in the first two months of its release, and continues to prove their popularity by showing a steady increase in the number of views.

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