VOISPER is currently practicing their solo concert, has made a surprise V LIVE.

On the afternoon of last 14, VOISPER told Naver V LIVE about the concert "The First Harmony" under the title of "Practicing!!"

VOISPER said, "The concert is a week away. Before that, we were going to perform a surprise live to show you how we're practicing"

VOISPER said "We’re going to sing two short songs to you guys, Maybe We've never listened this song live. "We’re going to sing it live for the first time, we’re going to sing it live from my first official album, Wishes."

"This concert will be played as a full band live," VOISPER performed fantastic harmonies with the title track "Goodbye to Goodbye" for fans who are disappointed by the short live show.

In the end of the live VOISPER said "we want to sing more songs for you, but we’ll save them for you at the concert, we think that we should go back to the practice again. We’ll meet you on the concert day, Goodbye"

The First Harmony, which will be filled with beautiful harmonies, will be held at the Hwa am Hall of E hwa Girls' High School's Centennial Memorial Hall at 6 pm. on the 23rd.

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