A six member boy performance group GMOST, has completed its first domestic activity.

MBC's 'Show Music Core' aired on the 16th. GMOST performed the final stage of their debut single "Fallin" in "Music Core," finished their domestic music video show with gifts for their fans.

The still cut of the music video was released, features attractive visuals and charismatic features of each of the six members of GMOST, attracting attention.

GMOST made their official debut in the Korean music scene by releasing their first single in Korea on last 7th, overwhelmed the stage with powerful performances and perfect dance through various music broadcasts, drawed attention from the domestic fans.

Especially, GMOST has gained a lot of stage experience for about two years since they first started their career in Japan, has demonstrated that they are the next generation Korean wave group by capturing with strong sound, perfect performance and stage manners.

In the end GMOST said "we want to thank the Korean fans for sending us a lots of support until we’re done, We will do our best to prepare for our return to upgraded music and performances," GMOST made a deep impression on the stage of the first activity in Korea.

GMOST successfully finished their first debut single "Fallin" activities, left for Japan on the 17th and is planning to accelerate its activities in Japan again.

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