The group SEVENTEEN released a special dance video of the title track "Home" for their sixth mini album.

The agency Pledis Entertainment, released a video of the dance of their title song "Home" on last19th through an official YouTube channel, which was heavily armed with the cuteness of their history, and received enthusiastic responses from fans.

SEVENTEEN has raised expectations among fans by announcing that they will release special videos with 17 million views on their title track "Home" music video, and the number of views on the music video has surpassed the promised figure and has continued to reach 20 million views as of the 20th.

In the video released this time, the natural look of SEVENTEEN wearing pajama style clothes, each member wearing an eye patch and a headband, was added to the cheerfulness by using various props, and the charismatic eye contact of the members in the beginning of the video was creating a contrary atmosphere to their pajamas.

Especially, SEVENTEEN added a lot of fun by presenting cute dance points that fit the concept, and the members showed off their fans' love with a hand heart that was fired in the middle of the video.

At the end of the video, SEVENTEEN spread out blankets and lay down as if they were sleeping at home, and the members' practice scenes and make up were also included in the video, giving eyes until the end.

SEVENTEEN showed the self approved fan lover through the dance video of the night version of the title song "Home," and enjoyed those who saw it as their own bright energy.

SEVENTEEN made a successful comeback with their sixth mini album "YOU MADE MY DAWN" on last month of 21st, and won the first 10 awards for music broadcasts, and the first Korean artist to win the charts in the Oricon Week.

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