The second member of EVERGLOW, Mia, showed off her charisma.

The film, the second member Mia's crank, was opened on various SNS channels on last 20th, and the members of EVERGLOW had been in a veil, were revealed in earnest, heating up various social networks and communities.

Mia is the main vocal of EVERGLOW and is the youngest member of the group that encompasses both singing and performance, and she is attracting attention with her unique aura by presenting a breathtaking dance of passion in the film, which has been restrained through the crank in film.

The intense expression and performance of Mia, begins with the intense color of January's birthstone Garnett, overwhelms the mood with the mere performance of Mia despite the lack of any special device on the stage.

Yue Hua Entertainment said "Everglow's main vocal is Mia, and she is a natural singer who can digest any genre of songs with perfect singing and dancing, When she is on the stage, We ask for a lot of attention and expectation from my beautiful child(Mia), who changes her eyes right from the moment the music comes out, to the stage and to the EVERGLOW."

EVERGLOW is combination word of EVER and GLOW, 'As the sun shines and the night does not shine, EVERGLOW will make both light and shadow our own time.'

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