SF9 is making a comeback as a modern version of Narcissus with an enchanting mirror sexy concept.

SF9 released the entire song of its sixth mini album "Narcissus" and the title song "Don't Be Pretty" on the website at 6 pm. on last 20th. We chose three points for SF9's new album, which is coming back amid the biggest interest and expectations since its debut.

# Mirror sexy in SF9 turned into modern Narcissus

In this album, SF9 is a mirror sexy concept that combines narcissism and mirrors, which refers to self love. The title song "Don't Be Pretty" is a combination of various genres such as trap, EDM and reggae, and contains narcissistic elements that talk to myself in the mirror by reinterpreting the Greek mythical narcissus. SF9 has turned into a modern version of Narcissus and they are planning to shows the sexiness of SF9 with the strong beat.

# Participating in Writing and Composing in the first half of the song album.

SF9 members participated in the entire album and raised expectations about the completeness. Along with the title song "Don't Be Pretty," four other songs (“Play Hard”, “Narcissus”, “Fall In Love”, “Life Is So Beautiful”) are written and composed by the member of the SF9, SF9's musical growth by increasing the members' participation in writing and composing lyrics. 

# The synergy of SF9's versatile SF9 members 

SF9 members have been diligently building public awareness with their versatile charm, and this comeback will boost the team's rise and popularity. The multi faceted performances of the members in dramas and entertainment programs are expected to have a huge synergy effect on album activities. a popular music media in the U.S Billboard also named SF9 as the 'K-pop group that will resonate in 2019. In particular, the live coverage of the Naver V Live Showcase is scheduled to open at 8 p.m. on last 20th, has already surpassed 100 million hearts, drawing keen attention to the album.

Meanwhile, SF9 released their sixth mini album "Narcissus" at 6 pm. on last 20th and begin full fledged music activities.

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