Boy group 14U is set to join the Japanese team along with the recruitment of a new member who named Gun.

14U will leave for Japan on the 20th and hold a promotion in Japan under the title "THE SPRING MEMORY WITH 14U." Japan's latest single "N.E.W.S." is a continuation of the release of their third single, as well as the appearance of 14U has become a full 14 member group by joining the new members. The new member, Gun, was born in 2001 and is the youngest member of the charismatic group Unit X, and he is 183 centimeters tall and boasts a sleek appearance.

Their agency Beakgom Entertainment said "14U prepared a variety of promotions for fans in Japan, including concerts in Shinjuku on the 23rd, fan signings, and photo events," and 14U's leader said "We are preparing for the concert not only in Japan but also overseas fans who came to Korea to cheer us up and ask for a performance through SNS," 

14U is a 14-member group that debuted with VVV in July 2017, and drawing attention as the next generation of K-pop rookie, 14U recently completed active domestic activities such as broadcasting and fan signing with their third single "N.E.W.S," plans a tour in Japan and Latin America in April.

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