A famous Kids Creator Na Ha eun's NATURE dance cover Video is drawing heated attention.

Na Ha eun posted a video of Nature's dance covering "Dream about U" with her younger sister Na Ha yoon through ther Youtube official channel "Awesome Ha eun"

Na Ha eun released a special video to celebrate the 3 million subscriber anniversary, showed off her cute charm by covering "Dream About U” with her younger sister Na Ha-yoon.

Especially, Na Ha eun and Na Ha yoon who posted in the video, made subscribers smile by reproducing their stage costumes reminiscent of Nature's trademark "Star stick" dance and fairy tale stage costumes.

Na Ha eun first became involved through "You'll Be Mine" collaboration with NATURE last November. Na Ha yoon had never released a dance cover film due to her shyness, is rumored to have gone out to perform the dance of NATURE herself in this special video with the endless affection of the members of NATURE

Meanwhile, the nine member girl group NATURE is currently active with their second single "Dream About U," and will hold their first official fan meeting "NATURE WORLD" on the 24th and meet fans.

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