TRCNG had a amazing time with fans to celebrate their 500th anniversary.

TRCNG debuted on October 10, 2017 with the title track "Spectrum" of their first mini album "NEW GENERATION," and held a live V LIVE celebrating their 500th debut on last 21.

TRCNG expressed their thoughts on the 500th day of their debut and had a time to discuss the issue with the pre announced "TRCNG" issue. they shared 500 days of memories with fans while talking about how did they solved individual and group problems.

They also made a special memories with fans, with various events such as giving the most challenged members a public listing and giving special gifts to fans who have already made the most of the questions.

Since its debut, TRCNG has focused attention on high-quality dance, stable rap and vocal skills, and has demonstrated their potential for global growth by making both Korea and Japan debut and recording charts at all of worlds.

TRCNG released the OST of the web drama last December, continuously communicating with fans at worlds through the official mobile application, and focusing on practicing.

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