[The Fact] What if the idol watch the video that I made? your imagination becomes a reality. FAN N STAR is getting a video from the idol fans. 'If your Video that you made is Chosen by FAN N STAR your video will be shown in ‘The Fact Music Award’ and you can get free invitation of ‘The Fact Music Award’ 

"FAN N STAR" opened the "Fan PD Award" on last 22, drawing attention from fans. FAN PD is a new term combining FAN and Producer. includes fans who can make videos, photos and phrases of their favorite idol. Previously, "FAN N STAR" received an idol sales award from fans for "Choose a Sales Image of Two Month" every month. The fans, who were chosen for "The Business Video of Month," enjoyed the privilege of showing a thousand rainbow stars and a video made through the subway's display boardl for a week.

The "Fan PD Award" is divided into video, photo, and phrases. To apply for the video sector, you need to create more than 30 seconds of idol video in 1920*1080. There are no restrictions on form or material, so anyone can participate if they have affection for my idol.

The photo category is for high quality idol pictures. There is no limit of the pictures, and it's better if you take a picture of yourself. If you don't have a video and you don't have a picture, you can participate in the phrases section. The phrases section can easily be applied in a variety of easy ways, such as Calligraphy, typography, and handwriting. participating in the video, photographic and phrases sectors, the contents shall be produced without infringing copyrights.

If you are selected as the "Fan PD Award," they will receive various benefits. The selected video will be shown inside the venue with the invitation to the "The Fact Music Awards," which will be held on April 24. It will also win the first part of the diamond necklace and the prize money made by the luxury brand Jewelry Shop Eclatbaci.

Fan PD Awards has various benefits, will be held from February 22 to March 22. Winners will be announced through an internal screening and announced on March 29.

Meanwhile, the 'The Fact Music Awards' will be held at the Incheon Southeast Gymnasium on April 24. The "The Fact Music Awards," which represents a festival that brings stars and fans together, will be announced in the future through "The Fact" and "FAN N STAR."

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