Hong Jin young released her teaser image of her new song.

She started to make a comeback by posting teaser images of her first full length album title song on her official SNS. Hong Jin young made a big splash when she released her debut song, "Battery of Love," her first full length album in 10 years, "Lots of Love."

The released image shows a pink background and mirror ball reminiscent of the party moods. The song was released as a comeback spoiler that matches the disco concept that will bring about the revival craze with the phrase announcing the release of the album at 6 pm. on March 8.

Hong Jin young’s title song "Love Tonight" is a retro flavored trot song that was born in the 1980s with a new combination of disco- and punky genre and trot It is expected that the new national trot will be Hong Jin young's new national trot, which can be easily sung by people of all ages and both genders, by adding the disco pop sound based on the Sinsbase.

After announcing her comeback in earnest, she released her teaser as a spoiler of her comeback, fueling curiosity among fans waiting for her new song "Love Tonight." Hong Jin young is loved by people across various fields such as music, entertainment, and advertising, is expected to present various musical attempts and self-creation since it is her first full length album.

Hong Jin young's new song "Love Tonight" will be released on various music websites on March 8 at 6 pm.

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