The group ASTRO will make their official debut in Japan.

Astro made their Japanese debut with guerrilla performances at the Bershka store in Shibuya, Japan on the 20th, and received much attention from the local media.

Astro appeared in the huge show window of the Spanish language brand Bershka, has captivated the eyes and ears of Shibuya street with performances including 20 dancers and their hit songs "Baby" and "Crazy Sexy Cool" for about five minutes. The event, which was announced 10 minutes before the event, was a surprise event that was heated up on the streets of Shibuya with enthusiastic cheers from more than 1,000 people on the site.

Especially, after the event, Astro's official debut in Japan was announced through the message 'ASTRO / JAPAN / DEBUT / 2019.04.03 / Universal Music' via a huge LED.

ASTRO said "I'm excited to make my debut in Japan. "I'm looking forward to my future activities. I'll work hard to make Astro known in Japan as well."

Astro is preparing for their third fan meeting on March 2nd, 'The 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK]', and will host their first world tour concert 'ASTRO The 2nd ASTROAD TOURO [STAR LIGHT]'.

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