Singer Sun Mi will unveil her own unpublished song at the World Tour concert '2019 Sunmi 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING].

Sunmi will unveil her first unpublished song at her first world tour concert, '2019 Sunmi 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING]. Sunmi is also recognized as a unique female solo artist and musician, she will perform her own written songs to fans through "2019 Sunmi 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING]," which will start as a concert in Seoul on the 24th.

Many of Sunmi's unpublished written songs will be the biggest gift for fans who visit the concert hall. the songs that are expected to be released are "Borderline" and "Hey You," which were partially released through Sunmi's Twitter.

On the 17th, Sunmi tweeted her title and part of the melody of 'Borderline' and said to fans, "I'll perform it for you at the concert!” she also said that she will sing the song "Hey You" through V Live, which she was working on to give a girl group.

Sunmi has already been recognized for her ability to compose her own song with the title song "Siren" from her mini album "Warning" released in September last year, expectations are rising for her unannounced song and "2019 Sunmi's 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING]."

The world tour will begin as a concert in Seoul at YES24 Live Hall on the 24th. In addition, eight North American cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Toronto, and Washington DC, as well as three Asian cities including Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo have been confirmed for the first time. Mexico, a region in South America, was further confirmed on the 21st.

Especially, tickets to four North American cities, including New York, LA, Toronto and Calgary, have been sold out, and other regions are proving their popularity by announcing that they are on the verge of selling out.

Sunmi made a hit after releasing her first single "Gashina" in August 2017 and proved her ability and popularity again with her single "Heroine" in January 2018. And "Siren," the title track of the mini album "Warning" released in September last year, has garnered attention by recording the perfect all time / day / weekly / weekly chart sweeping through all music charts. she also became a solo artist by recording various records, including winning six music and broadcasting awards.

Sunmi will be preparing for her Seoul concert on February 24, the first part of the world tour '2019 Sunmi 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING].

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