The daily life of the idol SEVENTEEN will be revealed in 2019. The 13 members appear together with three managers, raising expectations by heralding a meddling video with the largest number of people in the program's history.

At the 42nd episode of MBC's "Omniscient Interfering View" which will air on the 23rd, the daily lives of 13 SEVENTEEN members and three managers will be revealed.

Last week, SEVENTEEN appeared in the studio, and drew attention as they predicted that they would reveal their daily lives with their managers. The first SEVENTEEN manager to appear on this week's broadcast, and he said to report a unique grievance: "There are so many members."

SEVENTEEN is a popular boy idol group with a total of 13 members. They will show the number of members, accommodation, cars, and daily meals.

SEVENTEEN is spotted riding in three cars to match the nickname "next generation idol. The people on the car, divided into vocal, hip hop, and performance units, were said to have given off unique charm to each unit, drawing attention from fans.

Among them, SEVENTEEN's manager reportedly picked the most trusted and insecure member of SEVENTEEN, which draws attention. It is curious to know which of the 13 members received the manager's pick.

SEVENTEEN and the manager will show the scale of anything more than they imagined, can be seen through the "Omniscient Interfering View" which will air on the 23rd.

"Omniscient Interfering View" is a full fledged meddlesome entertainment program that detects the star's hidden charm after being informed of the untold hardships of the managers, who are the closest of celebrities, and through verification and investigation by meddling by nosy groups gathered from various fields.

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