"Golden Child" Bong Jae hyun has made his first solo pictorial appearance since his debut

In the March issue of "Arena Omme Plus," was released on last 22, Bong Jae hyun showed off his boyish charm. And he wears a gear VR on his head and shows avant-garde look, sporty look and denim look to attract attention.

Bong Jae hyun filmed several pictorials with other Golden Child, but this is his first solo pictorials.

Bong Jae hyun said "I feel comfortable in front of the camera, so I try a lot of things, It's fun to find myself while filming."

Bong Jae hyun is widely known as a fan of EXO, he said in an interview, "When I saw EXO's performance in middle school, I decided to became a singer due to his great performance."

You can check the features a clean cut boy labyrinth and a serious storyline in The March issue of "Arena Omme Plus"

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