U.S. Billboard focused on SF9's comeback.

U.S. pop music media Billboard published a column titled "SF9 Have Had 'Enough' in Sleek New Music Video" on last 19 (local time) and reported the comeback of SF9.

Billboard praised SF9's new song "Enough" as being "captious and sophisticated." "Members present charismatic charm by performing sensuous dance with the new song 'Enough' and looking at themselves reflected.

"Chani, a member of the JTBC drama "SKY Castle," which drew attention with high ratings before releasing the album, was also mentioned as Chani's performance.

Also commented on SF9 by saying, "Since the release of their first single 'FANFARE' in 2016, they has continued to grow on the Billboard World Album chart and achieved their best performance by ranking fifth on the world album chart with their 2017 album 'Breaking Sensation'. Billboard has shown continued interest in SF9 by selecting SF9 as the 'K-pop group that will resonate in 2019.

SF9 released their sixth mini album "NARCISSUS" at 6 pm. on last 20th, and transformed into a modern version of "NARCISSUS" and began full fledged music activities with their title song "Enough"

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