BTOB Jung Il hoon has released a trailer video of his new song 'Spoiler (Feat. Babylon)'

Jung Il hoon released a trailer video of his digital single 'Spoiler (Feat. Babylon)' on Naver V app on the afternoon of the 20th.

In the released video, it is accompanied by the highlight of the new song 'Spoiler(Feat. Babylon)' and Jung Il hoon calmly sings the sorrow of parting, thus arousing emotions.

The digital single 'Spoiler(Feat. Babylon)' is an R&B genre song that unravels feelings of parting with delicate words chosen by Jung Il hoon, and Babylon, a vocalist with unique tone, participated in the song, adding to completeness.

Especially, you can feel the charm of rapper Jeong Il hoon as a vocalist through the gentle tempo of the Voice flowing over the trendy beat.

Jung Il hoon showed off his ability as a producer but also as a singer song writer by releasing his first solo album "Big Wave," which he filled with his entire song last year, including BTOB's "MOVIE" and "The Feeling."

Jung Il hoon's digital single, 'Spoiler(Feat. Babylon)' released on various online music websites at 6 p.m. on last 21.

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