Yiren’s perfect visual is drawing attention of her fans.

Yue Hua Entertainment Korea released such a crank film at EVERGLOW's visual center on their SNS at midnight on last 22, showing the final sign of the visual genealogy of a girl group.

A perfectly small face boasts a perfect ratio despite without heels, and a close up face without a doubt shows the beauty of being so beautiful that the word "pretty" naturally pops out, and both men and women are attracted to her.

Especially, the part where one winks with a flower leaf is beautiful is so touching the heart.

Yiren was a visual TOP selected by the cast during the 48th episode of the show and showed this image as an effort to grow into a true artist, drawing attention from fans and officials.

Amidst the growing curiosity about EVERGLOW's debut concept, the film, the crank of the members who haven't been released, is coming. It is emerging as a pressing concern for fans and officials.

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