Hip hop duo Mighty Mouse released their first new song in the New Year and will open a new album in 2019.

Mighty Mouse released a new digital single "Temperature (Feat. Park Hyun seo)" on a variety of online music websites on last 22.

"Temperature (Feat. Park Hyun seo)" a song written and composed by two members of Mighty Mouse, it is a song that contains memories of ex lovers separated by a difference in love temperature, and it is impressive to see the deep emotion that distinguishes them from the representative songs of the past, which showed a bright and pleasant energy.

The agency of Mighty Mouse said "You will be able to confirm Mighty Mouse's musical ability to successfully digest emotional songs through thier new song "Temperature, It may be a little uncomfortable for Shorry, who has recently become a married man." He couldn`t have told his wife until the day before the release."

Starting with the release of their new song "Temperature," Mighty Mouse will be active this year.

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