Muzie will be joining with musicians Yoon Sang, hit song writer Kim Eana, and MeloMance' Jeong Dong hwan to introduce the new ballad project single.

Singer Song writer Muzie received much love for various music, from UV, a project team of Yoo Se yoon, to Citigroup's recent retro sensitivity, came up with a ballad project late last year that maximized his ability as a vocalist who was recognized as the king of mask singer, and has been preparing for this single with the start of a special project that maximizes his ability to become a vocalist as represents the genre.

Especially, the project is drawing attention as the representative Rhymer and Muzie of Brand New Music, who are currently successfully leading various artists regardless of genre in K-pop scene.

Kim Eana is a hit song writer one who is a big fan of Yoon Sang, she wrote the lyrics, and Jeong Dong hwan of MeloMance arranged the song, further enhancing the perfection of the song and finally Yoon Sang produced the song.

Muzie's new project single will be a special gift for music fans who remember the 90s, and the song will be released on March 1 through online music sites.

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