A new image of singer songwriter JUNIEL's single jacket has been released.

JUNIEL released the jacket image of her new single "Zig Zag" through her agency's official SNS.

The image shows JUNIEL sitting with her chin resting against the disheveled chairs in the teaser image that was released earlier. Especially, JUNIEL is staring at the camera with a look of sulky expression, giving off a unique charm that is quite different from the traditional feeling, it has intrigued viewers.

The new song will be released by JUNIEL, released her fourth mini album "Ordinary Things" in October 2017, in about a year and four months, and will bring out a message about feelings that anyone can feel at any time and will be able to sympathize with.

JUNIEL has been playing various musical spectra since her debut, she will show through this single, and lot of Music fans have been looking forward to seeing what musical color of her.

JUNIEL's new single "Zig Zag" is already released on various online music websites.

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