The group, MONSTA X, has made a splendid comeback in <Mcountdown>.

In Mnet <Mcountdown> broadcasted on the afternoon of the 21st, Monsta X held their first comeback stage for its second album, "THE 2ND ALBUM: TAKE.2 'WE ARE HERE'."

Starting with the collaboration song "Play It Cool" with Steve Aoki, MONSTA X focused the attention of music fans with its powerful and powerful intros, and a variety of attractions including "Alligator." Also, members Shownu and Ki hyun are special MCs who are perfectly active and showcased their energetic charm.

Before the full-fledged performance of world-class DJ and producer Steve Aoki and the collaboration song ‘Play It Cool’ Monsta X has joined Steve Aoki in the preliminaries for their comeback stage with a special video call.

Steve Aoki said. "I want to see the stage because I think it would be so cool to meet all of these things." He also expressed his confidence in the stage, and Monsta X also added word “it has specially prepared a dance version for today's performance.”

In the following stages, they overwhelmed with their  charisma in the intro and the title track "Alligator."

MONSTA X dressed in white shirts and leather jeans and filled the stage with full of sexy visuals. Starting with Joo heon's powerful rap, "Intro" showed unique charm with the captivating dance performances of Min hyuk and Hyung won, I.M.'s charming rap, Shownu, Won ho and Ki hyun's masculine dance.

The dance featuring a performance of fire and water that drew huge attention from the music video, has added to their unique rough and powerful charm. The overwhelming perfect dance and addictive melody that unfolded in it completed the perfect comeback stage to the end.

MONSTA X made a successful comeback with their first musical spectrum, ranging from coolness to intensity, through "McCountdown."

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