U Sung eun will be hosting a live V broadcast to celebrate the release of her new song.

U Sung eun met fans on MusicWorks' V channel at 8 pm. last 22. for the first time in a long time with REAL 'Deep' LIVE.

U Sung eun's "REAL 'Deep' LIVE" show featured with Block B.Tae il and Kim So hee as special guests. U Sung eun and Tae il are close friends, while U Sung eun and Kim So hee are close in their agency. Kim So hee and Tae il sang the drama 'Meloholic' OST together. Expectations was high on what kind of collaboration these three people will give on the show.

U Sung eun performed her new song "Deep" live to fans for the first time on REAL 'Deep' LIVE.

U Sung eun's new song "Deep" is a genre of Neo Souls that is rarely seen in Korea, which is a song that expresses love between men and women and a story that seeks to find one's true music world.

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