A three member boy group TREI released their first reality show, "TREI Time Begins," on last 21 morning through Naver Live.

Trey released the behind story of their debut album "BORN; 本," which was released on the 19th.

When members are taking pictures with pure white color costume were awkward, and sometimes relaxed and concentrated to the shooting.

TREI started shooting the concept, drew attention with a chic look. Regarding the changed costume, Kim Jun tae said, We wore pure white and colorful outfits in the previous shootings, but this time we tried on a clean suit. I think I can show you a clean look, and the TREI members showed off their stylish suit feet.

And Lee Jae jun was waiting for the group shooting, he said, “I think the image was stronger than I thought. I'm thinking about how to look better in the photo," Kim Jun tae said. "The point of my outfit is to use the red Polar to instill my strength," After taking a group photo, and Chae Chang hyun had a crisis in returning the accessories, and finished their shooting safely.

TREI is the first boy group to make their debut on the 19th, and they are drawing public attention as all of their members are performing as singer songwriters such as composing and producing.

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