A former member of the group BIGFLO Yu seong, released a teaser video before releasing his solo album "Wake Me Up."

Yu seong released a video teaser of his first solo album "Wake Me Up" on his official SNS and V-app channel on last 22. The teaser video was released, features a meteoric and an actress with a strange atmosphere, and both sound and video create a dreamlike atmosphere, attracting attention of the fans.

Along with the teaser video, he also released a congratulatory video of his fellow entertainers cheering for the star. Kisum, Ryan (Paran), Lizzy, Choi Woong, and Hyene appeared one after another in the video, cheering for Yu seong as he played for the hole.

Yu seong's first solo album "Wake me up" features an emotional vocal color that he had not shown at the time of his BIGFLO activities, and a Japanese version of "Wake Me Up," a special song for his Japanese fans. In particular, Kim Joo na of the "Produce 101 Season 1" participated in the featuring, and raised expectations.

Yu seong said "Wake me up" "EQLO, Sui" helped make the album."I am grateful to the staff who have been with me, including composer Jay and director Mozaic Oh Dong ha,"

YU seong's first solo album "Wake Me Up" will be released on various online music websites at noon on last 26th.

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