Singer Yoon Ji sung has successfully completed his first solo fan meeting in his life.

Yoon Ji sung opened his first solo fan meeting in Korea at the Imarket Hall in Blues Square from the 23rd to the 24th, and held the first fan meeting in Korea, '2019 Yoon Ji sung's 1st FAN MEETING: Aside in Seoul's', and opened the splendid opening of the Asian fan meeting tour.

As it is his first fan meeting as a solo artist, Yoon Ji sung has made unforgettable memories by filling the stage with colorful contents for fans who have been active as Wanna One.

On the same day, Yoon Ji sung opened his solo debut album with the song "Who are you?” He was followed by "CLOVER," "In the Rain," "Why Not Me," "Comma" and "Like the Wind," which were all released in his first solo album live and received enthusiastic applause from fans.

In addition, Yoon Ji sung showed off his extraordinary fan love by holding an event to all fans who visited the first solo fan meeting. For fans who gathered to see him in the cold weather, Yoon Ji sung personally prepared a set of fan clubs, photo cards, and mirror images.

After successfully completing his first solo fan meeting in Seoul, Yoon Ji sung will continue his fan meeting tour in Asia starting from Macau on February 2 and traveling to eight cities in seven countries including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Tokyo, Osaka and Bangkok.

Yoon Ji sung released his first solo album "Aside" on the 20th and is actively working on various scene.

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