On the afternoon of the 24th, JUNIEL released a video of her new digital single 'Zig Zag' for one minute via the official YouTube channel and V LIVE channel.

The video, which lasts about a minute, features JUNIEL is singing her new song "Zig Zag" with a slightly more relaxed look.

Especially, JUNIEL focused her attention on the lyrics that were not all about her, and the charming sound of this new song and the sweet voice of JUNIEL's character caught the listeners' ears in harmony.

Fans reacted with enthusiasm and immediately after the video was released, JUNIEL's name appeared in the real time search keyword of the music site.

JUNIEL's new single "Zig Zag" is available to hear starting on the 26th at 6:00 p.m. on various online music websites.

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