In 2019, the film, the passionate crank of Everglow's leader, "E:U" is released.

The film is opening through social media channels on last 25. and is heating up the fan community with her powerful energy and sexy yet cute image.

The crank film of E:U is special as naming, meaning, short cut of ‘Especially for U'.

The crank in film makes one feel as if watching a sports look commercial, is a passionate dance and a sexy yet cute expression that makes one admire the powerful energy and eyes that come from a small body.

E:U is impressed by the energy of the powerful at the heliport with the city's sunset and night view, imitates the video with a powerful dance and overwhelming expression.

Especially, the ending is walking behind the scenes at night, is creating an atmosphere where another sequel is likely to be released and raising curiosity.

Yue Hua Entertainment said “E:U is a rapper and also leader of the powerful dance group EVERGLOW, and the oldest sister who is responsible for the team's mother, and who has a sense of responsibility and strong leadership. She is a member of the team who draws EVEGLOW with perfect leadership as well as visual and practical skills. We ask you for your love and attention to the EVERGLOW who will shake the year 2019. 

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