[The Fact] "FAN N STAR" launched a birthday ad project for the group B1A4 Sandeul. It is a big advertising event to celebrate the Sandeul’s on their 20th birthday next month.

The Sandeul's birthday market is a global project in which congratulatory advertisements are caught in the main centers of Korea and Japan. Success is determined by the number of stars that fans donate (Star that can be collected on the site).

When the star reaches 100 percent, a video of the Sandeul's birthday will be shown on the display panel of 43 stations on subway line 2 in Seoul. If 400 percent of the stars are reached, video screening of the electronic display of subway line 2 and advertisement of a travel bus will be held.

If it reaches 600% of the star, it will also receive congratulatory videos on the Apgujeong CGV screen, and if it exceeds 900% of the star, it will expand its advertising space to Hongdae Station's Multivision.

FAN N STAR held two birthday celebrations for the Sandeul in 2017 and 2018. The event exceeded 200 percent for two consecutive years due to enthusiastic support from fans and attracted attention as advertisements for the birthdays of Korean and Japanese companies were held.

Attention is focusing on whether the Sandeul's birthday celebration project will be successful again this year.

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