[The Fact] “FAN N STAR” a website that provides information on idol ratings, opened a birthday ad project for the group NCT Renjun. The event is attracting more attention as it is a support type event where fans from home and abroad can participate directly.

The project will be carried out simultaneously in Korea and Japan. If more than 100,000 Renjun's birthday projects, which were opened on Korean and Japanese websites, are completed, video clips of congratulatory messages will be shown on electronic displays in the heart of each country.

When 400,000 stars reached, the advertisement for a travel bus will be carried out. If there are 600,000 stars reached, there will be places for advertisements including Apgujeong CGV screens and Hongdae Station Multivision when 900,000 stars are reached.

Renjun's birthday project runs until March 10 and is available at the Star Market section of the FAN N STAR website.

"FAN N STAR" opened a birthday support for Renjun on February 23 last year. With a lot of participation from fans, it was 100%. From March 20 to 26, a video of Renjun's birthday celebration was shown on a display panel near Shinjuku Shinokubo Station in Tokyo for a week.

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