[THE FACT] Yoon JiSung, from the group Wanna One, has ranked 25th at Individual Ranking of ‘FANNSTAR’ with his solo track.

On the 27th, Yoon JiSung has ranked 25th at Individual Ranking of ‘FANNSTAR’, the idol ranking information site. The song went up the ranking is ‘In the Rain’, the title song of his first solo album ‘Aside’ which was released on the 20th.

'In the Rain' is a swing genre song with the harmony of the sad emotional melody and orchestra on top of the piano and drum sounds. 

The public is paying attention whether Yoon JiSung will also be able to get good results in artist ranking for the 4th week of February in ‘FANNSTAR’.

Meanwhile, Yoon JiSung continues his activities with his title song ‘In the Rain’.

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