[THE FACT] The 21st Debut Anniversary Project of Shinhwa is currently on going at ‘FANNSTAR’.

At the ‘FANNSTAR’, the playground of the idol’s fandom, the 21st debut anniversary celebration support for Shinhwa has been ongoing since 27th. As of 27th, the project achieved 43%.

The 21st debut anniversary celebration of Shinhwa is a large support project where the local and overseas fans can participate as well. The success confirms with the achieving percentage of the fans’ participation with the star points.

When the star points reach 100%, the congratulatory video of the 21st debut anniversary of Shinhwa will be displayed in 43 stations of the subway Line 2 in Seoul. When the star points achieve 400%, the waiting area screen of the subway line 2 in Seoul and the travel bus advertisement will display the video. With 600% of the star points, the video will also screen at Apgujeong CGV Theatre, and when it reaches 900%, the advertising places will expand until the multi-vision screen at Hongdae Station. 

Previously, ‘FANNSTAR’ has opened the birthday support of Eric, the member of Shinhwa, last January 18th and has achieved 100% with the fans’ passionate participation. The birthday video of Eric has displayed at the electric boards of the subway line 2 in Seoul from February 12th to 18th and has attracted attention of the public. 

With this momentum, the public is paying attention whether the 21st debut anniversary celebration project of Shinhwa will also succeed or not.

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