The girl group DreamNote has predicted another synergy with the trending composer David Amber once again.

DreamNote posted the tracklist image of their 2nd single album ‘Dream:us’ through their official SNS last 26th afternoon and taken another step towards their comeback.

According to the released tracklist, this album contains total of 5 tracks such as ‘iBienvenido’, ‘Hakuna matata’, ‘My hobby is you’, ‘Cong Cong’, and ‘Hakuna matata inst.’
As the 2nd track Hakuna matata as its title track, the curiosity of the public is rising on what is the message the DreamNote would like to deliver with the title track with the subject of the well-known message of the animation Lion King.

Especially, the expectation of the public are rising with the title song due to the participation of the trending composer David Amber who made the trending songs such as ‘Yes or Yes’ and ‘Heart Shaker’ of Twice, ‘Love Bug’ of GFriend, ‘Love Bomb’ of fromise_9, etc.

Meanwhile, the 2nd story of DreamNote ‘Dream:us’ will be released at 6 pm on March 12th in various online soundtrack sites.

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