The six-member boy group ‘ARGON’ has announced their debut during March.

On the 27th, MSH Entertainment has announced their debut in March by saying “ARGON will have their official debut in music industry by releasing their first single album ‘MASTER KEY’ through various soundtrack sites on March 11th noon.

ARGON derived from ‘ART GO ON’ with the meaning of “Art will continue” and ARGON is a six-member boy group consists of Kain, Haneul, Roel, Yeoun, Gon, and Jaeun. As Argon, the chemical element which is colorless and odorless, the group name contains the aspiration of that the team will not be limited to a single color and will absorb various genre. 

Meanwhile, ARGON, who started counting down their debut, has started the pre-sale of their first single album ‘MASTER KEY’ on the 26th, and will hold their first showcase in celebration of their official debut at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam-gu Seoul, on March 11th. 

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