Hong JooChang, the main vocal of the group Golden Child has stepped out as solo among the members with the digital single album ‘A Song For Me’.

The new song ‘A Song For Me’ is a remake song of ‘A Song For Me’ of the first album of ‘The Classic’ who is well known with the mega hit song ‘Magic Castle’, which released in 1994. 

It delivers the warm comfort to the listeners with the warm EP sounds together with the added lyrical voice color of Hong JooChan.
This digital album was about to release in celebration of Hong JooChan’s W Project ‘No one like you’ released in 2017. However, to raise the perfection of the album, he changed the releasing date.

The song was born through the meticulous work from directing up to mixing of Park YongJoon of ‘The Classic’ who sang the original song.

The public paid attention to Hong JooChan on how he stands as a solo singer in music industry who is the first one to debut as solo from the group Golden Child.

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