Monsta X has selected as ‘Artist of the Week’ of ‘iHeartRadio’, a famous radio station of US,

‘iHeartRadio’, a famous radio station of US, has posted a column with the title of ‘Artist of the Week: Monsta X’ through their website recently and has selected Monsta X as the ‘Artist of the Week’.

I.M, as the representative of Monsta X, has sent the thank message through their agency as, “Following the honor of being the first K Pop group to be invited in Jingle Ball Tour last year, we are so happy and honored that Monsta X was selected as the ‘Artist of the Week’ of iHearRadio. Especially, thank you also for having big interests towards Monsta X with our comeback ‘Alligator’ which we prepared so hard. We are so happy that you are supporting the growth and development of Monsta X through these interests and expectations, which gives us the mindset to work harder. We, the Monsta X, will repay your support and loves with better music and performances. Thank you.”.
‘iHeartRadio’ is a well-known radio station of US, which selects ‘Artist of the Week’ through their official website weekly, and their moves are focused by the public. Previously, famous pop stars were selected for their ‘Artist of the Week’ such as Georgia Line, Ariana Grande, Back Street Boys, etc.

They have rated their title song ‘Alligator’ of the album by expressing it as “It is like a jewel of K-Pop. This album has addictive beat with the emotions, and the amazing talents of the vocalists Shownu, Wonho, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and the rapper Joohoney, and I.M.”.

Not only that, the new album <TAKE 2 WE ARE HERE> and the title song ‘Alligator’ which was released recently has ranked 1st in local soundtrack charts and also succeeded to chart-in their all tracks within the soundtrack chart. It has ranked 1st in ‘Worldwide iTunes Album Chart’, and in 24 areas worldwide in ‘iTunes Album Chart’, and also in 8 areas of ‘iTunes Top K-Pop Song Chart’ worldwide. It also attracted high interests through the news and articles through the ‘Billboard’, a well-known music media company of US.

Meanwhile, Monsta X continues to be active for their album with their title song ‘Alligator’.

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