Hyuk of the group VIXX has successfully finished his debut stage of acting, and has proved the potential ability as an actor once again.

Since 2012, Hyuk has been gaining his filmography by actively taking roles as a singer song writer, actor in movies, web dramas, etc. As this, Hyuk who did not get afraid of the transforming roles and continues the new challenges, he started the new role in ‘Lost Village’ since last 22nd.

The play ‘The Lost Village’ depicts the tragic 4.3 incident in which numerous civilians in Jeju island were brutally slaughtered during the course of military suppression. The role of Han SangHyuk, a graduate of the Law School of Seoul National University, becomes professor at a young age but gains disability while being active in student movements, and has negative thoughts and hatred feelings towards his father who is praised as hero of young men’s association of the northwest.

Especially, Han SangHyuk has expressed his impressions after his first performance through his SNS account saying, “I know I still have a lot to learn but thank you to the seniors, actors, directors and staffs for taking care and helping me always. I will try my best to become a shameful actor even in the next performances that are left ahead. Aja Aja Fighting!!”. 

Meanwhile, the play ‘The Lost Village’ which Hyuk of the group VIXX is continuing his new challenge as an actor plays role, will be held at Chungmu Arts Center Theater Black until April 7th.

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