The singer Gummy is coming back with the ‘Gummy Style of emotional ballad’ after 21 months.

C-JeS Entertainment has announced the releasing news of Gummy’s new single album ‘Alone’ through their official SNS account on the 28th. Gummy, who successfully finished the national tour last January, predicted comeback with her emotional ballad song to the listeners after a while, so big excitement is gathering.

‘Alone’, the new single album of Gummy is a new track to be released in about 21 months after her 5th full album ‘STROKE’ and LOOGONE has participated in composing this album who worked the songs of Nu’Est W, Apink, Huh Gak, etc. as well. ‘Alone’ is a song telling the story of the emotion ‘love blurs and feels like alone in somehow even being together’ which anyone could have been through while having love relationship.

With this, netizens who heard the news of Gummy’s new single album reacted by commenting “I’m so excited on what kind of song will Gummy deliver the comfort this time!”, “Gummy’s single is finally coming! I’m excited also for the emotional song this time as well”, “’Alone’, even the title itself amplifies excitement! I wanna hear it asap”, “I’m counting down the d-day from today! I wanna meet the track asap”, etc.

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