Boy group VAVs have sold their tickets to concerts in Mexico following Brazil and Uruguay.

The agency of VAV, A TEAN Entertainment said "VAV 2019 MEET&LIVE SENORITA LATIN TOUR that will be held on March 3, have been sold out,"

VAV sold out tickets to four Brazil cities and Uruguay performances, also sold out all tickets to Mexico's performance, which features the finale of the 2016 Latin Tour, and proved themselves as global group.

VAV performed "2019 Latin Tour" in four Brazil cities from the 16th to the 24th, successfully finished their tour of Brazil, intense interest from local fans and media outlets.

The VAV started their performance in Santiago, Chile on the afternoon of 27, followed by the 2019 Latin Tour in Montevideo, Uruguay on March 1, and Mexico City on March 3.

The VAV began the second half of the 2019 Latin Tour after a heated performance in Brazil, will also provide energetic performances in Chile, Uruguay and Mexico.

Global K-POP group VAV will continue to be active this year, going beyond home and abroad.

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