Dedicated Single album for Michael Jackson project is heating up music fans all over the world.

According to the chart rankings released by China's largest music site QQ Music and Kuwo Music on the 24th, "LET's SHUT UP & DANCE” participated by Jason Derulo, Exo Lay, and NCT 127 ranked first in both the music download singles chart and the weekly chart in Europe and Asia music video charts.

"LET's SHUT UP & DANCE” was the first single dedicated album for of Michael Jackson "The Greatest Dancer," which was released at 0:00 p.m. on last 22 (as of Eastern U.S. time), and was produced by world renowned pop stars Jason Derulo and NCT 127 as featured in the music.

Especially, the music video "LET's SHUT UP & DANCE” uploaded to the official YouTube account at the same time as the song's release has already garnered more than 2 million views, showed off his popularity.

Recently, Billboard, one of the most prestigious music media in the U.S., published articles highlighting the album project for Michael Jackson and the first single "LET's SHUT UP & DANCE” on their official website, and the commercial video featuring artists has been featured on the New York Times Square electronic display board, continuing the world's explosive interest in album for Miclael Jackson.

Dspecial album for Michael Jackson, The Greatest Dancer is a record dedicated for Michael Jackson's art and genius that will include a total of four special singles, including "LET's SHUT UP & DANCE”. The complete version of the "The Greatest Dancer" album includes all four singles, is scheduled to be released on June 25, the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's memory.

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